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How Can I Make a Purchase?

You can easily make a purchase by contacting us by phone or sending us a message. You will also be required to send us a copy of a valid government ID (Driver’s license, International Passport, or state-issued ID) before completing the purchase.

Can I Purchase an Auction Vehicle From You and Register it in The United States?

Yes, Simply Slashed Autos is a licensed auto dealer in the United States. Purchased vehicles may be registered in the United States if they have CLEAN TITLE (some states may allow you to rebuild a SALVAGE TITLE. Each state has different regulations about the vehicle registration process. Note that bill-of-sales and other certificates of destruction can not be registered in the US. Please contact your State Department of Motor Vehicles for more information about your state vehicle registration requirements before you make a purchase.


Why Do You Require A Commitment Fee 

When you ask us to bid or purchase a vehicle for you, a commitment fee of $400 or 10% of the maximum vehicle price (whichever is greater) is required before we can initiate your request. The reason we require this commitment fee is that when you request us to bid or purchase a vehicle for you, and then change your mind or decided you do not want the vehicle again after we might have already bid or made the purchase. The auction company will charge this commitment fee amount in order to void the bid or purchase. So we encourage all our customers to make sure they have made a final decision before requesting for bid or purchase.


Is The Commitment Fee Refundable?

Yes, you may request for your commitment fee to be refunded at any time before a purchase is made.  Please note that the commitment fee will be held until all your purchases are paid for in full and retrieved from the auction facility. Then, you may either use the commitment fee for a different auction or request a refund. If you do win an auction/Buy It Now but fail to complete the purchase for any reason, then your commitment fee will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Commitment Fee Refund?

The time frame of the refund depends on your bank. It might take between 1 to 7 business daysThere will be a $25 transaction fee to refund the commitment fee if outside the United States (via international wire transfer) and 2.7% for credit card payment.

Can My Commitment Fee Be Used As A Partial Payment Towards My Purchase?

Yes, any or all of your commitment fee may be applied towards your vehicle purchase. A 5% processing fee will be charged on the “commitment fee” in order to use this method.

Can I Get A Vehicle With a Clean Title?

Yes, we have made it easier to search only the clean title cars. Click on the CLEAN TITLE cars to see all available clean title vehicles.

What Is A Clean Title Vehicle?

A Clean Title Vehicle is a vehicle with a non-salvage title registration. A title is classified as salvage if the vehicle has been in an accident. Other factors may contribute to a title being classified as a salvage title. In the United States, some states will not allow you to register a salvage title. 


What Is A Salvage Title

A title is classified as salvage if the vehicle has been in an accident. Other factors may contribute to a title being classified as a salvage title. In the United States, some states will not allow you to register a salvage title. A vehicle may be very clean and perfectly functional but have a salvage title. Salvage title vehicles are usually shipped outside the united states to some countries that have no title registration policy like the United States.

If you live in the United States, we strongly advise against purchasing salvage title vehicles. It might be hard for you to register it, even if the vehicle has no physical damage

How Much Is The Auction Fee?

Fees vary, depending on what auction company and the type of auction, and the selling price.

For example:

Copart Auction: Selling Price of $1,000.00 - $1,199.99 will have a buyer fee of $255.00 $325.00 

IAAI Auction: Selling price $1,300.00 – $1,399.99 will have a buyer fee of $240.00

Please keep in mind that other fees may apply. Contact Us for the total estimate of the vehicle you want

What's The Different Between Buy It Now and Action Bidding?

Vehicles that have a “Buy It Now” option may be purchased immediately at the fixed advertised price before the sale date.

Will The Auction Fee Apply If I Purchase a Buy It Now Car?

Yes, auction fees are still required for Buy It Now vehicles, although the fees might be typically lower for these purchases than for live sale vehicles depending on the auction.

How Do I Make Complete Payment Of A Vehicle?

Vehicles can only be paid through bank wire transfers, Money order or Cashiers Check. Upon winning the auction you will receive an email with an invoice and information for a wire transfer or you can issue out a money order or cashier's check to IAAI or Copart, depending on what action facility owns the vehicle. You may also bring payment to our office if you are in Georgia.

How Long Do I have To Make Payment After I won or Purchase A Vehicle?

You are given one day to make a complete payment for a purchased vehicle; however, in order to avoid any late fees or penalties, you are strongly encouraged to complete your payment the same day that you make a successful purchase.

What Is The Penalty If Payment Is Not Received Within The Required Timeframe?

 If payment is not made in full by the next day of your purchase, you will be assessed a late fee ranging from $50 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater), starting on the second day after the purchase. We will also request a copy of the payment confirmation and the contact information of the sending bank. If neither payment nor payment confirmation is received within five days of the purchase, your vehicle may be relisted, and you will be required to pay either $400 or 10% of the cost of the car (whichever is greater) as a relist fee.

I Live Outside The United States, Can I Buy Auction Cars Through You?

Yes, anyone from any part of the world can purchase a vehicle through Simply Slashed Autos

What Port Do You Ship Vehicles From?

Depending on the location of the Auction/vehicle, We ship vehicles from different Ports across the United States, such as Delaware, New Jersey, Freeport, Savannah, Rhodes Island, Baltimore, Galveston, Florida, etc.

I Have More Questions, Who Do I Contact?

We are always here to provide you as much information as possible to help you make a viable decision. You may contact us at any time using the information on our contact page.

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