Commitment Fee


You may request your commitment fee to be refunded at any time prior to making a purchase. Also, note that the commitment fee will be held until your purchased vehicle is paid for in full and retrieved from the auction facility. Then, you may either use the commitment fee for a different auction or request a refund. If you do win an auction but fail to complete the purchase for any reason, then your commitment fee will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.

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Payments (other than the Security Deposit) shall be made via wire transfer only. We do not accept credit cards for purchases.

Vehicles can only be paid through bank wire transfers, Money order or Cashiers Check. Upon winning the auction, you will be contacted with an invoice and information for a wire transfer or you can issue out a money order or cashier's check to auction if you plan to pick your vehicle directly from the auction.

You may also bring the cashier's check or money order to our office.


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